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Being an unapologetic black girl supersedes a fetching Instagram hashtag, it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle defying the stereotypes, standards, and stigma's that seem to follow us on our journey; even when we're ten steps ahead. The movement of being "unapologetic" or "care-free" is a declaration that we're recognizing these implicit brandings and challenging them by living our most authentic lives, on our own terms, with absolutely no fucks given.


There's so much beauty in being an empath. Yes, our feelings can be a bit complex & commanding, but our love is transcendent. I'm still learning how to navigate this life, but here a few lessons I've learned in the process.


My whole life I loved fashion, but this sentiment was never an equal exchange. It took quite a while  to unfold that the industry I worked so hard to be a part of, and quite frankly slaved for had no love for me or my people. The irony in it all. I spent six whole years working in fashion and four of those years juggling to get a degree in Fashion Merchandising only to acknowledge that I was knocking on a door that didn't want to let me in.


Some of us mystics use crystals to shift the energies of specific aspects of our life- self, love, protection, friendships, family, career, health, finance, personal goals. The limit does not exist! Similar to people, every type of crystal has a story and purpose- it's origin, healing properties. Here's a guide to get you started on your crystal healing! 


A reflection on Solange Knowles' A Seat At The Table & it's imprint on the psyche of black women- being a manifesto to claiming ownership of the table we’ve built, finding and living our truth & celebrating our power through all of our storms.


Though cornrows isn't legitimately a seasonal style, there is something about black women with a sun-kissed melanin glow escorted by cornrows that shuts it down. Ugh, we're so on another level. Summer 2017 became my playground for experimenting new braided do's and my  obsession was cornrows inspired by the nomadic tribe, Fulani, of north and sub-sahara Africa.