oshun essence oil

oshun essence oil

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oshun/osun/oxum is the goddess of love, fertility, beauty, sensuality, business + prosperity.

you have the option of purchasing + using as is or allowing me to charge the oil with your own personal intention(s)

this is something that i’ve been creating for myself for a while now + oshun has been in my ear about sharing this with others.

this oil was created over the libra full moon + recharged over the taurus full moon. it is reiki infused + infused with pyrite, one of oshun’s favorite stones that invites prosperity, money + success. 

if cashapp is your preferred method of payment, you can send to $amberjfinney, in the message please include your e-mail address so we can coordinate shipping.

[ oil is made in small batch with limited quantities, once sold out there is no guarenteed restock date]

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the rituals:

  • place on pressure points when starting your day to enhance self love, romantic attraction , prosperity

  • add 5 drops to your bath water to work with the goddess’ energy ( optional: add yellow flowers, honey +/or crushed eggshells [ efun/cascarilla]) 

  • add a drop to your hands, rub together + set the intention that money + opportunities flow to you effortlessly 

  • add to candle to enhance candle magick on self love, beauty, fertility, abundance, or prosperity 

  • wear when meditating to invite goddess energy 

  • wear while working to heal solar plexus + sacral chakras 

  • wear intuitively! 

things to remember: 

  • wear with integrity

  • this oil was created with 100% pure intention + knowledge from someone who practices with initiated Iyalosas of the Ifa religion. 

  • i do not recommend working with orisha directly unless you were guided by an elder or someone who is knowledgable with ATR practices. 

  • i’ve worked with the goddess directly to ensure that the energy of this bottle vibrates on her frequency.

  • my oils are made in small batches with limited quantities