florida water

florida water


florida water is traditionally used in magickal practices for blessing, purifying, cleansing + anointing. it’s something that i keep in my purse for on the go cleansing, especially when traveling in public transportation or i’m around large crowds. it’s use this in all of my spell work, whether it’s using to cleanse my altar or spraying my tools with it.

this homemade alcohol based spiritual water is a blend of herbs, flowers, essential oils, with a rich cinnamon scent. it’s reiki charged, infused with selenite; selenite is one of my favorite crystals for aura cleansing + clearing the energy around me.

4 oz bottle

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florida water is vodka based, therefore it’s strong— a little goes a long way.

  • spray on yourself daily for energy cleansing

  • apply on third eye, crown chakra, base of foot for protection

  • spray around your sacred spaces to clear unwanted spirits or energy

  • spray our pour some out on ancestral altar as an offering to ancestors

  • spray on spiritual tools to cleanse ( when doing candle magick, i spray on the glass + cleanse with florida water working my way up from the bottom)

  • spray on head to clear headaches