Tarot Reflection: Week of September 23rd

Now is the time to welcome harvest season and the autumnal equinox with open arms. 

Thank the universe in advance for it’s blessings, in the many shapes and forms that they’re presented in. You can simultaneously receive and release. Last week, many of us were experiencing the intensity of love, relationships and AGAIN—release. These themes are still awake, yet we still should continue putting things to bed. It’s important to remember that fulfillment is only birthed when you have your highest self in mind. 

Divinity and manifestation are your birth rites. Your spirit never needs guidance, your emotional and physical bodies just need to be tuned in. Tapping into your highest self is the most profound way to steer your emotional and physical self in the “right” direction. Transparency and honesty is the gateway to this. 

Questions you can be asking yourself include: 

“Does doing ____ serve my greatest good?”

“In what ways am I blocking myself from fully living in love and happiness?” 

“Does this person or thing I am engaged with/in support my long term vision?”

The insight that is received through those reflections set the clear direction of which path to take. There is this feeling of rebirth with today’s full moon, the fall equinox beginning two days ago and the sun entering the sign of Libra. A new season in climate, a new season in astrology and even a new season with the full moon being in the sign of Aries. Aries being the first sign of the zodiac tends to take the lead in the energies & activities of what’s to come. Think of this fiery full moon as the initiator, representing the first sprout in your garden this season. It fills you with hope, but also encourages you to go even harder. It’s a sign that you’ve been doing all of the right things from Virgo’s new moon — planting the seeds and nourishing. It’s inspiring you to keep it going, and continue to pull out the weeds!

There’s so much passion and energy that needs to be enforced in the appropriate places. How can you purify this fire energy in a way that you aren’t being overly aggressive or hypercritical? Tread lightly. 


This below reading is focused on today’s full moon energy that will carry over for the next 3 or so days, as well as the remainder of the week. 

“How do we need to be navigating through this full moon?”


Some call it being passionate, others may call it erratic. Prepare yourself now for the intense feelings that may surface during this time. This fire energy should also be alchemized through love and our future goals/vision/manifestations.

This is not the time to intensify the fire. This means that there is no need to continue to engage with people that add fuel to your fire. What is the point, really? The Aries full moon views compromise as foreign, therefore there is no need to even attempt to convince anyone of anything. And don’t even think about trying to force upon your views/values on someone else. If they don’t fit the mold, there is your answer. There is someone or something else out there that does. This is a new season, you have the guidance of the universe that you can attract something that aligns with who you are now and who you desire to be. Apply this to all areas of your life.
Dance around the fire, not in it. Position yourself where you’re close enough to feel the heat and be inspired by the warmth that it brings— creative energy, passion, intense love… but don’t become so emerged that you become it. Practice healthy emotional detachment, where you can feel the feels, but you don’t become the feels.

Temperance feels like discernment— one foot in the water, and another foot out on the ground. It’s important to get a feel, quite literally, but remained grounded. The word temperance breaks down to “moderation”. Spirit is indicating the importance of control. At the end of the day, we are all in control of our reactions and actions. Love and passion are not excuses to wander off into the deep end of the pool, to the point where we can't swim back.

This is also a time to take control and follow the path of lightness. A lot of us are walking into our purpose this harvest season, which is exciting! I feel this sigh of relief with the way things have been transpiring since new moon in Virgo. All it took was for us was to set the intention and write it down on paper. To visualize and aspire is one thing, but to plan on how to make these watery dreams tangible is a different thing and we’re finally getting there.

Has this sprout happened for you yet? A new job? A new romantic connection? A spiritual connection? A personal epiphany shifting your direction? Things are finally aligning, pay attention.

For others, we’re just getting to the space of reflection and thinking about our long-term futures.

What is it that I really want? How do I want my future to look and feel like? What are some things that need to change in order for me to make this happen? These are questions that you may have been asking yourself.

Temperance is a reminder to you that you are getting into the rhythm, be patient and easy with yourself. Trust that you are making the right decisions. Honor the emotional turmoil that may come with it, but don’t allow it to become a distraction . Always keep the long-term vision in mind as you move forward and work on finding balance.

“What is the theme of the full moon in Aries?”

5 of Swords + The Empress

The 5 of Swords is a warning, but also an eye opener indicating awareness. This directly points to the need of purifying this wildfire energy. Some of us may find ourselves in intense conflict, arguments, disagreement and aggression with others.

What I feel is that it may actually become “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

Someone might’ve actually been deceptive or lying and The Empress interferes as your highest self, an ancestor or a spirit guide taking on the nurturing role saying “This is not for you. The way that I raised you was to not accept anything that doesn’t support your greater good”.

The Empress knows when something isn’t right, and you may feel this. The action probably won’t be new, but your reaction will be. I feel like for some it’s going to be this switch that hits you and says “You know what? This isn’t even me right now. Why am I here? I deserve better.” And you respectably remove yourself.

What was once a roadblock will become a road opener, the path is now clear.

Numerological influences

Last week we had the 5 of Cups and this week the 5 of Swords.

The number 5 carries the energy of being unpredictable and in dire need of change. Last week’s Wheel of Fortune (10th card, 10/2 = 5) also points to there being this sudden shift in our lives. All of this is necessary. Some of us has chosen to walk of away from things and people we’ve outgrown, and others are being forced to do so.

What do we need to reflect on during this Full Moon in Aries?

8 of Wands + Ace of Cups

Things are going to be picking up at full speed. The momentum has transformed from slow and to to fast-paced, forward moment. Embodying the ram, the energy surrounding us provides sudden change and this force of energy is going to land right on your lap. What will you do with it? For some it will be creative ideas, an opportunity to travel, intense feelings that needs to be acknowledged. It may even be a trip that randomly appears that’s necessary for you to move forward.

If you’ve been on rest and rejuvenation mode, this won’t be for long. This full moon is putting the batteries in our back, we won’t have a choice but to move with the pace.

The 5 of Swords indicated something was in your way, but the 8 of Wand’s clear skies shows that it is no longer in the picture. Now is the time to make your move. Do it with caution, do it while balancing out your life, do it while nurturing yourself and your feelings.

Emotions are usually heightened during full moons and the Ace of Cups supports that our emotions are going to be flowing. Learn to work with the fire. pay attentions to any triggers that are surfaced to be healed (Chiron, the “wounded healer” may bring this up). Honor the exchanges that may highlight what/who to release. Transmute all uncomfortable energies to love.

Your garden is going to have more than enough water to make it flourish. Be prepared to be swimming in emotional abundance. When you allow things to flow in it’s natural order, in turn the universe provides you with this flow of emotional fulfillment. New loving energies, which could even mean a relationship.

New creative ideas.

New love of self.

Intimacy and Deep Connections ( discussed last week with Venus in Scorpio)

New level of awareness for what your wants and needs are.

This full moon is called the Harvest Moon for a reason, it’s time to show up and take what’s yours!

Full Moon in Aries keywords:

  • Culmination

  • Change

  • Possible Drama

  • Emotional Intensity

  • Passion

  • Balance

  • Action

Vibe out to my Full Moon in Aries playlist.


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