Tarot Reflection: Week of September 16th

Door to Romance + Journey + Broken Heart + 3 of Swords + Wheel of Fortune + 6 of Cups + The Tower + The Magician + The Star


We are all in different stages in our journey, yet there is this beautiful rhythm of divine synchronicity in our hearts center. There are two ends in this spectrum of love energy and each of our hearts are pulsating on different beats. 

Our heart chakra very intentionally is located in the center of our bodies. When this wheel of energy is activated and flowing, it determines how we receive + give love to others and ourselves, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, appreciation . When it is stuck, stagnant or blocked off we can be hypercritical, emotionally detached, insensitive, co-dependent, jealous, bitter, aloof. 

Love is everything, quite literally and it energetically parallels to the blood that flows through us; without it we are lifeless, it detoxifies us of our traumas and pains, and transports warm energy within that can be transfused into others. 

Love is multi-dimensional and each facet magnified in a different light, while other facets are dim in the shadow. Venus is the planet of love, attraction, beauty, relationships, money, transformation is currently in the sign of Scorpio. When the Goddess of Love transits “backwards” on Oct. 5 in the watery and mysterious sign of Scorpio, her shadow presents us with challenges, lessons, and transformations within ourselves and relationships. Though she is not in retrograde yet, these themes are beginning to surface:

During this time, we are in a introspective energy to review our relationships. It is a time to cut relationships that are surface deep, shallow, of the people that don’t check up on you, that don’t support your dreams and creative visions, that only want you due to physical attractiveness, money, skin color or sex. It is time to see true soul colors and to clean up clutter, in order to gain intentional relationships that are aligned to your highest good, matured standards, built boundaries, and that nourish the light of your spirit rather than dimming your heart and mind. - Rey of Supernatural Sacred Space 

Read more of her article Venus in Scorpio, Planet of Love: Shadows & Soul Illuminations

As mentioned earlier, as a collective we are experiencing love on two levels, so I will initially approach each of them differently but be sure to read them all because they are a part of your journey; whether it be past, present or future. The Wheel of Fortune indicates that both current periods are pivotal and transformational.

Left end of the spectrum: 


Based on the energies of Broken Heart and Three of Swords , some of you are in this space of hurt, pain, trauma, and most importantly release. The universe has forced you to close the door on people whose method of what they masked as “love” didn’t align with your wants and needs. ( If you haven’t let go yet, this is an indication for you to do so) Though the connection, relationship or habit was painful, it feels like the pain has intensified because you’ve been thrown out of your comfort zone. It’s interesting how you can pray + wish for the agony to diminish, but when it suddenly happens though the wheel of fortune, you’re bewildered because the shelter of pseudo security that was built on pain, deception, abuse, has suddenly been knocked down, hence the tower . Is this not what you wished for? Your love for this person, attachment, etc.  is bleeding out because it no longer stand to circulate in your body, toxic waste must be removed and treated as a cancer. The discomfort and aftershock is a natural part of the process, but be sure to not dwell in the sorrow or provide a platform for your second thoughts or regrets. The Tower, Broken Heart, and Three of Swords all signal loss and destruction, but the Magician is a reminder of your own power and how you can alchemize your pain into a lesson of growth. This is a jab from Spirit to know who the fuck you are and never forget it. You have unlimited power within, therefore try to be intentional about your thoughts and actions. Though this tie is severed and will soon be a thing of the past.. disconnect from associating your power and confidence to it. Know that you validate you, nothing else, no one else.

Make note that everything you’re currently enduring is a necessary part of your journey. The 5 of cups suggests that you should take some time this week to revisit your past and childhood. There may be some synchronocities between your past and this most recent release that needs to be unpacked.  No one said it would be easy, but and the Star comes forth as an affirmation of the light and reconnection to yourself that is created through this process. The outside noise quite and less chaotic, which intensifies the volume of your inner noise. The inner noise can fluctuate in volume, but wouldn’t be amazing to work on inner peace, one station at a time aka one trauma at a time? As the magician, you are your own healer. You know exactly what you need, and the medicine can be found if you make time to explore the depths of your soul’s journey. It will take longer than a week for these transformations to occur, but now is the time to get started. 

Right end of the spectrum:


Eclipse season this past summer was a wild card, to say the least. Solar and Lunar eclipses shake things up on two different levels. Solar eclipses (when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth) cast shadows on our lives and what is directly in front of us, making change and presenting opportunities, especially for new beginnings. Lunar eclipses (when the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun) force change with things that may have been hidden & deep rooted, providing room for growth. The combination of the two types of eclipses from July- August birthed new realities and perspectives. The 3 of Swords, Broken Heart and Tower highlights the painful past of the summer + force that caused disruption in our lives. Eclipse season was an energetic shovel that dug up some internal traumas and with the company that we keep, be it romantic, familial, and other connections we have. This was all the universe’s intention of letting go of some baggage. You’re currently feeling lighter and adapting to the new changes and focused on building a new foundation. Though it caused some temporary discomfort, you’re now feeling more comfortable with the new changes and much lighter!

The purge created space for the new and The Magician indicates you’ve been setting clear intentions about what it is that you want. Not only were intentions set, but there’s an inner knowing that you harness the power to make it a reality. If you’ve been unsure or unclear of this, this is the tap on the shoulder to declare what’s yours and reclaim what’s your. For some of us, it may be our bodies, our beauty, sexual identities and sexuality as a whole.

After the release, you’ve knocked on the door of romance, signaling you’re seeking deeper and more meaningful loving connections; this doesn’t necessarily mean romantic. Maybe you’ve been closed off in the past, but now you’re heart is open; you’re ready to connect, receive love, give love and overall embody loving energy. Venus currently transiting in Scorpio is what turns the knob and opens the door itself. This placement is intense, deep, passionate with the connections we currently have, and the new ones that we attract. The 6 of cups indicates a carefree and open attitude that you may adopt this week. Don’t feel guilty if you have the urge to play and explore, but don’t be so naive that you don’t practice discernment. When you make yourself receptive and open to the world around you, the Star suggests you may be feeling like you ended up at the right place at the right time. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself engaging in purposeful conversations that lead you to unexpected dates, friendships, and added layers of substance on existing relationships. There are new loving connections, even soul ties that are on the horizon!

The Power of 3

  • Door to Romance: 33 

  • Broken Heart : 9

  •  3 of Swords 

In African rooted spiritual systems, the number 3 ( and the Magician card) is associated with the orisha Esu (Ellegua, Papa Legba, etc. in his various forms ) It is he who sits at the crossroads of the visible and invisible realm.  As the messenger between the two realms, he is the master of communication. Numerologically, the number 3 and it’s energy of communication is potent for all of us this upcoming week as we face some major shifts. 

Here are some things to reflect on: 

  • What have we learned about ourselves in these experiences? 

  • How can be operate from a healthy place of love in the future? 

  • How can we be more open to receiving love, despite the pain we’ve endured? 

  • How can we harness our inner magician and transform our pain to blessings, appreciation and revitalized love? 

  • How can we nurture deeper connections with ourselves and others?

 Please note that though this is the energetic forecast for the upcoming week, these are things that will likely unfold effecting the longterm ( hence the 4 major arcana cards: the wheel of fortune, the tower, the magician, the star) . 

If it doesn’t resonate with you at this current moment, allow it to sit with you and revisit it in a couple of days or weeks.

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