Tarot Reflection: Full Moon in Taurus, Week of October 24th

As we entered Scorpio season, some of us have already begun to get stung by the scorpion energies of release, transformation, and death. This energy could be directly effecting our lives internally, stirring the pot of emotions, and receiving psychic downloads that make us feel uneasy. Or, it could be manifesting in the physical realm with changes within our lifestyles and relationships.

Astrological Impacts

The full moon in Taurus is a special one. Astrologically speaking we have an interesting dynamic; the planets and stars are aligning itself in a way that our lives are being organized in a very hunter/prey relationship. Some parts of our lives need to serve as food.. fill us up with the nutrients ( lessons) and then the remainings needs to be released.

The Sun in Scorpio ( at 1 degree) is encouraging us to embrace change. The Full Moon in Taurus ( at 1 degree) is in a way rejecting that change. Taurus being a fixed sign, doesn’t necessarily do well with change, it wants and needs security as an Earth sign. Uranus in Taurus in conjunction ( alignment) with the full moon in Taurus are unearthing attention that needs to be brought to our relationships, how we manage our money, communication, and what it is that we want/need/value. Some deep digging is being done, whether we are setting the intention or not! North Node in Leo ( at 1 degree) is connecting us to issues of karma, our past, lessons that we need to learn. Opposite of the North Node, the South Node ( at 1 degree) in Aquarius is pointing to our comfort zone and the same patterns we keep repeating.

Our inner selves are being disrupted by Uranus, meaning this transit is pushing us out of our safe spaces and comfort zones. Uranus is a very unpredictable sign, therefore being flexible and surrendering to change that may seem scary is important during this time!

Sensing heavy Oya energy ( the orisha of storms, winds and change) ! Sometimes we can’t prepare ourselves for the storm. There are some things that are just out of our control; however we can control how we react, what we do and how we perceive the situation(s).

Love that 4 of these placements are in 1 degrees! It’s an affirmation that despite any discomfort that we may be feeling, we’re always being supported by higher realms.

1+1+1+1 = 4, 4 is a number of structure, and stability. All of these shifts and changes that we will be experiencing is always serving our greatest good and is pushing us closer to our destiny.

Energy of the Full Moon:

Anxiety + Walking Away + Cornocopia Reversed + Angel of Strength + Magician in the Mirror


There’s a lot of anxiety that’s clouding the air, the root of it being discomfort. Over the last couple of days, weeks and maybe even month’s we might have been receiving signals or signs that we are just outgrowing certain things. A lot of these things are issues with self— victimization, bad habits, self doubt, issues with how we manage our money, self-esteem, how we perceive ourselves & things we connect ourselves to. All along, we’ve known that these things don’t do our lives justice, but to keep it real.. it’s really fucking hard to break cycles that we’ve been repeating for so long! We aren’t even thinking about how much more powerful our lives would be when we make these changes & walk away.. But instead we're chained to our habits and cycles, and like the Taurus, reject changes that may feel like our lives are being disrupted.. when in reality sometimes a storm is needed for reconstruction.

Everything that we currently value is at stake right now because the universe is forcing us to do some purging to get to the bottom of who we really are. What is it that we value? What do we love? What is our purpose? All of these questions are being unearthed, and in the process these material manifestations ( such as our jobs, career, finances) and the connection that we have to these things are being challenged. For many of us, it feels like the things that we want are being denied to us at this time. This is happening in order for you to question your true intentions behind your wants and needs? Did you just want that job because it looks good on paper & would’ve been an ego boost? Did you want to be in that relationship because the person reminded you of your ex and was simply a comfort blanket? These are karmic lessons that are being presented to us, bringing awareness to the aspects of our lives that need some change.

Despite the irritation that this may cause, the Angel of Strength and The Magician are coming through as a reminder for our own personal power and will.

It’s time to fully accept that we can’t continue to disservice our highest selves by not using our powers or even believing in the power that we all innately possess. We feel stuck and anxious because we feel that we’re at a dead end, waiting on the universe to work some magic and we remain blindsided that we already have the tools to create the reality that we desire. Our true power lies within, but for some of us it’s been dormant because we’ve created their exterior shell that protects us from revealing our rawest selves.

But during this full moon, it’s important to dive deeper and think about what it really is that we love? that we desire? that we want to continue to hold close to us?

Anything that is put on our plate can be handled and any emotion or situation can be alchemized.

Lesson During the Full Moon: The Moon + 5 of Wands + 10 of Wands


The lesson for us during the course of the Full moon is awareness to stagnant parts of ourselves that have either been ignored and completely avoided. We’re coming into a period we can no longer avoid and put it off to the backburner, the universe isn’t having that! There are messages or signals that our subconscious has been trying to give us, but we’ve putted our blinders on. The blinders are now being stripped away from us. We’re forced to open our eyes and get a full scope of the internal conflicts that have been talking place and the abundance of weight that we’ve been carrying and the repetition in our lives. This is an energetic checkpoint— what have we been working towards? Are we being honest about our intentions?

The Intention: 7 of Pentacles+ Heart Chakra


The intention is to closely assess our material world with a fine tooth comb and ask ourselves why is it that we value these things? If our response is ego-driven, then now is the time to part ways with those aspects. This is the time for us to connect with our heart centers and ask what truly makes our heart flutter, what baggage needs to be release, which aspects of ourselves & relationships need to be nourished with love and attention and what is that our highest self not only wants but needs?

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