Survey Says... I'm Ready for the "Real" World!



It would be insane of me to not be a tad nervous about graduating college next week. As an effort to boost my morale, I traced back my thoughts on Twitter, providing hard evidence that I am, in fact, ready to be an adult. #Growth #SelfReflection 

My social anxiety is slowly deteriorating, for sure. Also, I can handle 4 glasses Merlot.Ask my friends if this was possible Freshman year. 



My standards have escalated and my ideal man will now be 100% less likely to find me. Just don't pull out your Groupon coupon on the first date ;) 



New mindset: What you eat directly correlates with your personality type. I once ate falafel 5 days out of the week, what does this say about me? 



I've begun to adopt and create new words in my vocabulary that never existed, like "uninnocence". .


Not that I actually care, but I'm conscious. I'm spiritually awaken that my gluten intake can potentially affect my future. 



I understand that adults make their bed, but I don't understand WHY adults make their bed. Please explain? Aesthetics? 


In the humble words of Queen Bey " I'm a grown woman, I can do whatever I want". This includes adding pinning to my list of hobbies, next to sleeping. Any woman with a Pinterest and does not have a secret "Weddings" or a "Bae Goals" board is not prepared for her future.


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