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i am a physical embodiment of my name, amber; formed by light and life, healing the mind and spirit, warm and magical, powerful, gentle, and transformative.

'amber the alchemist' was birthed when alchemy became a recurring theme in my life while doing the healing work alongside my mother. as a unit we naturally we manifested our platform, Brown Girl Alchemy.  

spiritual alchemy grants us the power of transforming our (physical and spiritual) realities, vibrating on higher frequencies. we've all been provided with unique and divine gifts from source to serve as an activator in walking in our purpose. i am embracing that the root of my purpose is to serve as a light, my other passions being branches in my soul's forest. my light is illuminated through alchemy, energetic healing, conjure work, herbalism, and magick. my mission in this 3D realm is to be in complete alignment with my highest self, this provides me the opportunity to come home to myself by being a guide and soul alchemist to others. 

clairaudient downloads, astrology, rituals, moon magic, numerology are embedded in my daily rituals and spiritual work. 


The messages received through tarot reflections are provided by Spirit, your highest self and spirit guides. They are channeled through accessing your energetic field, therefore they are more emotionally driven and detailed oriented. Reflections provide unique clarity, confirmation and insight into your personal journey and experiences. With tarot reflections you have the option of a) allowing Spirit to provide messages that you need at this specific time or b) choose which area of your life you would like to focus on; love life, career, spiritual journey, etc. Every tarot reflection is communicated through over the phone.

Oracle readings supply you with intuitive messages that directly point to the major themes in your life at the current moment. Through these messages you receive brief affirmations, downloads of inspiration, hints of what is to come, how to navigate through your current situation. Oracle readings are sent via e-mail within 72 hours of purchase.


My experience with Amber was truly one of a kind. I have had several readings done before, and by far this has been the best reading I’ve ever had. Amber’s healing, nurturing, and warm energy made receiving this timely message from Spirit even more powerful. I broke down in tears while speaking to her, and am still revisiting this reading because there was just so much to unfold. Amber is a blessing to this world and I cant wait to have more readings done by her.
— Tasha S.
I had a feeling that my reading would be insightful because I am such a fan of the Podcast Brown Girl Alchemy. I had a question in mind about what an upcoming change might mean to my life and Amber really honed in on the solution. What would be the strengths that I could draw on to make my life change work for me? I felt as though she really does have that very special spiritual gift- the talent to tailor the message that she receives to communicate constructive answers. There was something uniquely empowering about this reading which, gave me a glance into what energies I was dealing with and also how to navigate them. It was a lot of information to receive in a relatively short time. Because the reading was concise I was able to retain the important messages and felt like I have an energy super coach who gave me some notes on how I can play to my strengths during a change.
— Sarah G.
I usually look for answers in spaces that people that inspire me find answers and either feel lifted or like the message still isn’t directly for me. So I reached out to Amber because shes provides so much light in my digital space. I recently received a very meaningful read from Amber.

The message received has awaken some many new thoughts and brought me so much clarity. Her work is so special and I’m so grateful for her guidance. I’ve now learned that I must know that my intuition is on point when it comes to my life’s purpose. That indulging in a few moments of solitude to quiet my mind will get me back in touch with my center. Learning to accept the gifts of my ancestral lineage by fulfilling my destiny.
— Tahirah J.
Amber’s ability to connect with her spiritual team and mine is unmatched. My reading was super clear, concise and thorough; confirming all the messages I’ve been receiving and then some. Excited for what’s to come and my next reading!
— Keanna V.
My reading was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. It was such warm welcoming experience. Amber was so clear on a few terms that where unclear to me. I really enjoyed my reading, and look forward to the next one.
— Nakeesha S.
Before the reading, I was uncertain of my intuition and decision making because I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. The reading gave me confidence in myself and my abilities, presenting me with every opportunity I had been blocking with doubt.
— Marvetta C.
This was my first adult reading and it was so needed. I’m feeling so affirmed and finally clear. I learned a lot and I truly appreciate not only the reading but the knowledge given by Amber to understand the reading and myself better. I definitely will be doing another and referring others.
— Isha S.
I had such a wonderful reading with Amber. It was honestly overwhelmingly to hear a complete stranger read me like a book. A lot of what she told me were things that I already knew but the universe reiterated it thru her. She has an amazing gift and I will def be doing another reading in the future
— Keisha D.