i am a physical embodiment of my name, amber; formed by light and life, healing the mind and spirit, warm and magical, powerful, gentle, and transformative.

i am a spiritual practitioner, creative,  conjurer, healer, lover, alchemist.  my light is illuminated through energetic healing, conjure work, creating + all things magickal. my spiritual work aligns with african traditional religion, particularly Ifa + Hoodoo. it’s priority for me to reconnect to myself by connecting with my ancestry + their native spiritual practices. 

my mission is to be in complete alignment with my highest self, this provides the opportunity to come home to myself, while also assisting others in their journey. . sometimes being an alchemist looks like using my spiritual gifts , other times it looks like using my creative gifts— both activate vibrating on a higher frequency. the root of my work is connectedness to self, Spirit + honoring my blackness. 

passion projects: 

my mother + i have our own digital space, brown girl alchemy, which is centered around intergenerational healing, black womanhood, mysticism, rituals, self love + tapping into your divine purpose. 

i am a columnist + the social media coordinator at black girl in om, the #1 holistic platform for women of color.